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Signing Memorandum for Malay Students

The important memorandum has been arranged an official ceremony in this historic school. AT-China Education staffs in Malaysia all attended this ceremony since a minister was invited to be a watcher. To pay the respect to minister, everybody arrived one hour earlier than minister

While waiting for minister's arrival, the persons from both sides start interaction by greeting, discussing this event,taking photo...etc. The teachers in this school were chating about their backgroud, students and religion. The interaction is so successful that everybody feel time flees.

Once minister arrived, AT CHINA EDUCATION directors walked out immediately to welcome minister. The minister shaked hand gladly with them.

The ceremony began once minister arrived.  Both sides delivered the speech about this projects. Yi-Ping was representing AT CHINA EDUCATION. Then minister also spoke about this project.  He honored the achievement of China and encouraged these students to study in China.

The signing of menorandum was after minister's speech. Both signed the memo as usual then minister had to sign as a watcher. The ceremony ended with glee and unexpected feast.

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Mr. Najib invited to visit Chinese Universities in Xian and Lanzou.

About the Najib's visit in chinese universities, here are some attractive photo shown:

1. The spaceful praying room in NPU oversea student dorm.

The kids in kindergarden by Mosque sang the song to welcome Mr. Najib.


3. Strollong in the Lanzou University campus

Wanna see more stories? Just click this file to see the whole trip.

Najib's visit to chinese university.pdf

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AT0086 One Day Tour in Wuhan——Mulan Grassland

On 12 October 2014, 20 International students from different countries gathered on AT0086 One Day Tour travel bus in Wuhan and went on a wonderful one day trip in the largest grassland of Central China.

With sweet wind and cool temperature, October in Wuhan is a golden month of most people's choice to do outdoor trips and relax,so this time, AT0086 service center set their travel destination in a vast grassland in Wuhan, where the International students fully experienced a serious of outdoors activities and had a great day.

Now let's follow their steps and see what they had experienced in Wuhan Mulan Grassland.

------On the first arrival of Wuhan Mulan Grassland(武汉木兰草原)

------Rest, foods and games here, a group photo of our tour members

Soon after a short rest here, our group head for the main grassland, all the flowers were in their blooming period, picturing here is like living in the spring country with all flowers surrounding.  

------Students and our AT0086 tourist guide are having fun and take pictures in this vast flower land.Behind them,the building is mongolian yurt.

------and the name of this kind flowers is kelsang, mainly seen in western part of China.

And soon after the picturing and stay in the vast flower land, we moved on our travel to grassland, the following picture is a capture of grass skiing, exciting and comfortable, making you feel like humans are a natural part of this grassland.

----One of us is heading for this exciting program. Seems to be a long time to wait in the line. But we are having fun.

Program 2

the zip line tour over the lake.

Program 3

On this vast grassland, shooting game is never going to be missed during a visit.  

This student from is the No.1 player during our arrow game here.We both Cheer for him.

Program 4

shooting game in forest

End of this wonderful one day tour, and we finally took a group pic with all our happiness and excitment,AT0086 Service Center, not only help you to apply for Chinese Universities, but also, we provide you with the most exciting tours in China.

So, next time, come and join us. The Next stop of our journey is in a hidden and mysterious cave and brook.

Location:Whan China

Time: November.

Contact us: 
phone number: 18571714629 
QQ: 2345563063; 1474522480
Wechat:  regina22;  holiday-ding

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2014 Annual Meeting of China Association for International Education (CAFSA) held in Liaoning University

On 23 July, the 2014 Annual Meeting of China Association for International Education (CAFSA) held in Liaoning University. Leaders of the International Department of Chinese Ministry of Education, domestic experts and scholars, education department of each province, all about 600 educators participated in the meeting.

In the first session, the president of Liaoning University, Zhou Haobo, Vice director-general of Education Department of Liaoning Province, Liu Jinghui, the secretary-general of China Scholarship Council and Fangjun, vice director of International Department of Chinese Ministry of Education gave the speech, present the achievement that have been got in the past year and points out the work direction of 2015.

In the second session, award ceremony was held to excellent educators and deparments that work for International Education. Leaders of the International Department of Chinese Ministry of Education expressed highly appreciation to award-winners‘s efforts in the work.

In the afternoon, Chen Long, vice president of Jiangsu University, Wang Luxin, deputy party secretary of Beijing Language and Culture University, Wang Qi, vice president of Shenyang Aerospace University and Wang Qinghe, vice president of Changchun University of Science and Technology made a speech on how to promote university internationalization based on their own work experience.

AT0086 also attended this annual meeting and shared experience on how to increase international enrollment and optimize the structure of international students’ country of origin, based on the experience of European and American College, AT0086, and the unique environment of China as well, which got highly appreciation by the university.





Liu Jinghui, secretary-general of China Scholarship Council


Fang Jun, vice director of International Department of Chinese Ministry of Education


Award Ceremony


Representative of AT0086


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Hot News about Scholarship Now!

After a long time spring festival holiday, all the Chinese universities have started the new semester. Those students who have get admission successfully may be excited and happy. After a long time waiting you are coming to your dreaming university soon. Have you got everything ready? You can check here to review whether you have got everything that is needed.

Those who can not catch up with March semester of Chinese university need not worry. The intake for September 2014 has started already. You can prepare the documents that are needed for application and schedule your autumn intake now.

The autumn semester will start in September. And the application will always close in July or August (It depends on the arrangement of universities.). So many students think there is still time. They will begin preparing documents until July or even August. Some students succeed in such short time. Some students get admission successfully but fail applying for visas. Some even can not get admission in such short time. So the earlier the better.

And there is one piece of hot news for you.

There are two universities can providescholarship for international students now.

One is Shanghai Maritime University. It is a university with distinctive education on ocean, logistics and shipping, located in Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in China. To encourage international students to do further research in China, SHMU can provide scholarship for PHD students. After you get the admission notice, the teacher will evaluate your qualification and grant scholarship if you are excellent enough.

Another one is Northwestern Polytechnical University, located in Xi’an, one of the most ancient universities in China. The feature of this university is aerospace, Aeronautics education. And this university contributes much to the rocket development in China. Want to be one of them? And the good news, this university can provide scholarship for major in Astronautics. And the quota is very limited. If you are interested in it, what are you waiting?

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Scholarship System

Article 1The Chinese government establishes the "Chinese GovernmentScholarship" for foreign students to study in China.

The ChineseGovernment Scholarship includes undergraduate scholarship, graduate scholarshipand advance students' scholarship.

The Ministry ofEducation, in accordance with real needs, has established other scholarshipsfor special research or training.

Article 2The Ministry of Education formulates the plan onenrolling foreign students who receive the Chinese Government Scholarship, inaccordance with relevant treaties signed between the Chinese Government andforeign countries and the need of exchanges between China and other countries.

Article 3 Foreign students

receiving the Chinese GovernmentScholarship to study in China should accept annual assessment on thescholarship qualification. The assessment work will be conducted by highereducation institutions in accordance with relevant rules. For those foreign studentswho fail to pass the assessment, their qualification to enjoy the ChineseGovernment Scholarship will be suspended or canceled in accordance with therules.

Article 4 Local governments and higher-learning institutionshave the right to solely or jointly establish scholarships for foreign studentsin accordance with real needs. Upon obtaining permission from the highereducation institutions and provincial administrative department for education,Chinese and foreign enterprises, institutions, social organizations or othersocial bodies and individuals can also set up scholarships for foreignstudents, with no irrational conditions added.

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Classification, recruitment and enrollment of foreign students

Article 1Higher education institutions can provide foreign students witheducation for academic qualifications and education for non-academicqualifications. Higher education for academic qualifications includes specialcourse education, regular course education and graduate program. Highereducation for non-academic qualifications includes advanced education andresearch program.

Article 2Higher education institutions should formulaterecruitment measures for foreign students, publicize recruitment regulationsand enroll foreign students in accordance with the regulations.

Article 3The number of foreign students to be enrolled inhigher education institution is not limited by the state-planned quota.

Article 4The tuition items and fee standards collected byhigher education institutions shall be formulated and publicized in accordancewith the relevant regulations of the state, and shall be calculated andcollected in Renminbi.

Article 5The majors for foreign students enrolled at highereducation institutions shall be those public-opened majors. New majors ofacademic qualification education specially established for foreign students shouldreport to the Ministry of Education for examination and approval.

Article 6The foreign citizens applying to study at highereducation institutions in China shall acquire competent qualifications and meetthe enrollment requirement, possess economic assurance and a warrantor inChina.

Article 7Higher education institutions shall providequalification assessment, entrance test or checkup for foreign students. Highereducation institutions can decide their own enrollment standard. Foreignstudents receiving academic qualification education in Chinese should take partin the HSK.

Article 8The enrollment of foreign students is determined byhigher education institutions. The state-planed enrollment of foreign studentsshould take the first priority. Higher education institutions have the right toenroll foreign students under inter-school exchange programmes and self-paidforeign students.

Article 9Higher education institutions can accept foreignstudents enrolled or transferred from other institutions upon permission fromthe latter.

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Rules on Foreign students' Enrollment in China's Colleges & Universities

Article 1These rules are formulated in accordance with the Education Law of thePeople's Republic of China, the Higher Education Law of the People's Republicof China and the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of the Entryand Exit of Aliens, for the purpose of enhancing mutual understanding andfriendship between the Chinese people and people of all other countries,promoting international cooperation and communication among universities andcolleges, and strengthening standardized management on enrolling and trainingforeign students to study in China.

Article 2The higher education institutions as referred to inthese rules are those higher-learning bodies authorized by the Ministry ofEducation to offer full-time schooling for higher academic qualificationeducation. The foreign students as referred to in these rules are those foreigncitizens with foreign passport who are registered in China's higher educationinstitutions to receive academic qualification or non-academic qualificationeducations.

Article 3The work on enrolling and training foreign studentsshould follow the principle of "deepening reform, strengthening supervision,guaranteeing quality, and developing in a positive and reliable step."

Article 4The higher education institutions accepting foreignstudents should possess prerequisite teaching and living facilities, and reachcorresponding teaching and research level as well as management level.

Article 5The higher education institutions, when enrolling andtraining foreign students, should follow the country's foreign policies,safeguard national sovereignty, security, social and public benefits.

Chapter II Management system

Article 6The Ministry of Education manages the country's workon enrolling foreign students at Chinese Colleges and Universities in anall-around way, formulates the principles and policies on accepting foreignstudents, manages the "Chinese Government Scholarship" in accordancewith its administration scope, coordinates and guides the work on enrollingforeign students in all regions and all schools in China, and evaluates theforeign students management work in all regions and schools and their teachingquality.

The Ministry ofEducation entrusts the National Study-abroad Fund Management Committee to takecharge of the work on state-planned enrollment of foreign students and thedetailed management work.

Article 7Higher education institutions, when enrolling foreignstudents, should be subject to examination and approval by the administrativedepartment for education as well as same-level foreign affairs department andpublic security department under the people's government in each province,autonomous region and municipality, and submit it to the Ministry of Educationfor report. The enrollment of foreign students to enjoy the Chinese GovernmentScholarship should be examined and approved directly by the Ministry ofEducation.

Article 8The administrative department for education under thepeople's government in each province, autonomous region and municipality shallbe in charge of the coordination work on enrolling foreign students at highereducation institutions in its administrative region. The competent localauthorities, including foreign affairs department and public securitydepartment, shall assist the administrative department for education and highereducation institutions to handle well the management work on foreign students.

Article 9Higher education institutions shall take the detailedresponsibility for the recruitment, education, teaching and daily managementwork on foreign students. The universities and colleges should entrust apresident-level official to take charge of the work on foreign students in hisinstitution. The institution should formulate management system on foreignstudents in accordance with relevant rules, and establish competentadministrative agencies or entrust management personnel within the institutionto handle foreign students affairs.

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