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Signing Memorandum for Malay Students

The important memorandum has been arranged an official ceremony in this historic school. AT-China Education staffs in Malaysia all attended this ceremony since a minister was invited to be a watcher. To pay the respect to minister, everybody arrived one hour earlier than minister

While waiting for minister's arrival, the persons from both sides start interaction by greeting, discussing this event,taking photo...etc. The teachers in this school were chating about their backgroud, students and religion. The interaction is so successful that everybody feel time flees.

Once minister arrived, AT CHINA EDUCATION directors walked out immediately to welcome minister. The minister shaked hand gladly with them.

The ceremony began once minister arrived.  Both sides delivered the speech about this projects. Yi-Ping was representing AT CHINA EDUCATION. Then minister also spoke about this project.  He honored the achievement of China and encouraged these students to study in China.

The signing of menorandum was after minister's speech. Both signed the memo as usual then minister had to sign as a watcher. The ceremony ended with glee and unexpected feast.